The event will be held from November 5th to November 12th 2022, with a brief information session on November 5th (10 am MST) and with the winner being announced on November 19th 2022.


Anyone is eligible to participate.

Project and Submission Requirements

Begin by joining our Discord and SubReddit. When your app has been created, tag it as "Comp11052022" and submit the link in the #submit-your-app channel of our discord.


$100 will be given to the winner with the top 5 apps getting DevPost wins and published on our blog.

Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

  1. Usefulness (Out of 5) How big is the market for this app? Are there other apps like this out there? If so, how does this one compare? Is this something that will be used often? Is it intuitive and easy to use?
  2. Complexity (Out of 5) How detailed is this app? Complexity of algorithms used? Variety of functions/libraries used? How creatively was this app done?
  3. Appearance (Out of 5) How does the app look? Is it clean and easy to understand? Is the documentation and wording sufficient?
  4. Execution (Out of 5) Does the app work? Are there any problems with the app? Could it be done better? What improvements need to be made? Is this something that someone would be able to use?
  5. Bonus (Out of 5) How many views did the app get? (50/100/250/500/1000 views)